Cutting crowns, cutters, teeth

Cutting crowns for every type of single-shaft shredder.
We manufacture cutting crowns for all the well-known shredder types, suitable for e.g.:

  • Amis®
  • Vecoplan®
  • Lindner®
  • Mewa®
  • Zeno®
  • Zerma®
  • Weima®
  • Untha®
  • Eldan®
  • Holzmag®
  • Wagner®
  • etc

All cutting crowns are available in tool steel 1.2379 or case-hardened steel. Naturally we can also manufacture according to individual customer requirements in other materials. Choosing the right steel can be crucial to ensuring the efficient operation of your shredder.

In particular, the use of carbide-tipped cutting crowns can improve your output, increase tool life significantly and reduce energy costs dramatically thanks to the improved cutting performance.


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